Ansys - Simulation
Animation, Design, Concept
Cinema4d, After Effects, X-Particles, Trapcode Suite

While working at Gravity Global Ansys approached us to create a video that would visually explain what they do, simulation. It was to be viewed on giant screens at an event. Unfortunately with the events of 2020 this video ended up being shown during a virtual conference. The video was created at a slightly slower pace than would have been done if this was intended to be a video to watch online. To allow people passing by to take in the information, and to understand what AnSys does.

I was an integral part of a small team that worked to develop this work for Ansys and was heavily involved in the concepting and design process, as well as then going on to make all aspects of the video.

The video uses a lot of different techniques, physics simulations, particle effects and 3d rendering. I tried to push my ability to integrate 3d space from Cinema 4d to After Effects, having the text feel part of the scene rather than laid on top. I think this video succeeds in the way each scene flows into the next, it creates a feeling of constant motion that fits well with the music and the overall idea.